Economic proposal and conditions.

Jute espadrille, with a 1.2 cm sole and hand-sewn in canvas with edging, in solid colors and in stripes.

  • Cost price for each pair of espadrilles, contact 2Espadrilles. Contact
  • The sale price is freely selectable, but we recommend between € 15 and € 20, P.V.P (depending on the country or location of the point of sale).
  • Both the shipping cost and customs costs are paid by the customer.
  • Payment of the invoice will be made via bank transfer at the time the product leaves the factory.
  • Available sizes range from 33 to 48.
  • There is currently a combination of 16 colors, but we are open to new proposals.
  • The assortment of colors and sizes is free to choose.
  • Minimum order of 80 pairs.
  • Espadrilles are presented and shipped, in individual pairs, attached with an elastic band.
  • Unless the order is in stock, the manufacturing period is 45 calendar days.
  • Shipping time will vary depending on the final destination.
  • Defective espadrilles for manufacturing reasons will be paid in the next shipment.


Available colours:

Plain blue with ecru trim. REF. A01
See product.

Black with gray trim. REF. A02
See product.

Kaki with raw trim REF. A03
See product.

Red with blue trim. REF. A04
See product.

Ecru with black trim. , REF. A05
See product.

Fuxia with navy blue trim. REF. A06
See product.

Yellow with azure blue. REF. A07
See product.

Burgundy with raw trim. REF A08
See product.

Camel with raw trim. REF. A09
See product.

Gray with dark gray. REF. A10
See product.

Red stripes with blue trim. REF B01
See product.

Yolk stripes with black trim. REF. B02
See product.

Fuchsia stripes with black trim. REF. B03
See product.

Tan stripes with tan trim.
REF. B04
See product.

Navy-white stripes with blue trim.
REF. B05 See product.

Navy-ecru stripes with blue trim.
REF. B06
See product.